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Ansel Evan Clayburn was a son, a brother, and a dear friend to many. His magnetic personality drew people together, his lust for life spread to those he touched, and his music continues to fill those who hear it with an inspired mosaic of melodies, rhythm, and poetry. Sadly, he passed away after a battle with cancer in May 2019 at the age of 35 (see full bio below).

The mission of the Bloomshine Foundation—named for the song “Bloomshine” on Evan’s first album, The Space Cadet Shipwreck—is to memorialize his legacy through the release of his music on vinyl records, all proceeds from which will support charities that were meaningful to him. 

If you would like to receive information about the release of Evan’s music on vinyl, please fill out the form below and you will receive updates as they become available.

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Ansel Evan Clayburn was born in San Francisco on December 29, 1983, and raised in Moraga, California. He was an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Campolindo High School ('04) and Berklee College of Music ('08). He lived in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and Oakland. 


A polymath and synesthete who spoke the language of many instruments and accompanied them with his incredible vocals, Evan composed, performed, and produced seven albums: The Space Cadet Shipwreck and Tree Party (under the name Ansel), followed by The Sweeps (an EP under the name Shabby-Genteel) and then The Splits, Wantless, Mope's Catacomb, and Everything Ephemeral (all under the name Evan Clayburn). He completed his final album just two months before he passed. The haunting tracks "Serene" and "Sweep" from that album speak to the isolation of cancer and the loveliness of life. 


He was a beautiful soul who lived for art. His sister, parents, and the many people who loved him will always remember his harmonies.

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