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The Space Cadet Shipwreck (2009)

The Space Cadet Shipwreck (2009), Ansel Evan Clayburn's debut album, is now available for pre-order on limited-edition colored vinyl. Due to production time, we ask that you please purchase the album by October 5th in order for us to have it to you in time for the holidays and to celebrate Evan's birthday on December 29th. 


We would like to thank you for your support. By purchasing this record, you will be honoring the music and memory of Ansel Evan Clayburn, in addition to supporting The Wounded Warrior Project, a charity, and the San Francisco Symphony, a non-profit organization, both which were meaningful to Evan. All proceeds from your purchase will be donated to these organizations. We will post the amount of funds raised by The Bloomshine Foundation on December 29th, 2020.


Track Listing:


Side A

1. But Now You Just Wanna Behave

2. Elysian Phonelines

3. Bloomshine

4. And the Sanity Fades

5. Maybe You're Lost in the Sea


Side B

6.  Radiant Nowhere

7.  A Fancy Rollerskater

8.  On Reverie Lane

9.  Anchor and Sway

10. Reflex Pandemonium


Album Credits:


All songs written by Ansel Evan Clayburn

Produced, recorded, and engineered by Andrew Morehart

Mastered by Brendan Dekora

Vinyl Pressing by Pirates Press

Ansel Evan Clayburn: lead vocals, backup vocals, acoustic guitar, keys

Andrew Moreheart: guitar, steel lap guitar, violin, ukulele, accordian, programming, synths, percussion, drums

Thomas Mitchell: double bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar

Adam Stehr: drums, percussion

Matthew Saba: electric guitar

Special guest whooping assistance on "But Now You Just Wanna Behave" by Andy, Tom, and Adam

Album artwork by Ashley Edwards


To friends, family, and the patrons of mind. 


© copyright Ansel Evan Clayburn, 2008/2009

The Space Cadet Shipwreck (2009)

  • To receive The Space Cadet Shipwreck limited edition colored vinyl, we ask for a $35 donation. Please use the Buy Now button above. 




    If you would like to make a contribution to the Bloomshine Foundation in addition to the $35 vinyl donation, please do so via PayPal


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